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  So there is Good News and Bad News….
Bad News 😦  is the Hi & Rye – our Limited Edition Red Rye Ale proved so popular that it is now “Out of Stock”.

BUT the …

Good News 🙂   is that Gnat’s Hop – our fantastically delicious Pale Ale is “Back in Stock”.

And again the …

Bad News 😦  is that the 15% discount offer is about to run out….

But the …

Good News  🙂  is that there is still time to take advantage as you have until midnight of Sunday 27th June to place your order.

Happy Summer Days… Louise and Peter

Celebrate Summer – new Red Rye Ale!


New Red
                                                          Rye Ale

Gosh – it’s been like waking up after hibernation (I can only imagine obviously)! As soon as things started opening again the orders flooded in and before we knew it we were out of stock of virtually everything! So we’ve been brewing like beavers – if beavers brewed – and at last we are nearly up to full stock again. AND we have a new Limited Edition ale – Hi and Rye is a Red Rye Ale – brewed using a rich blend of barley, rye and oats. It has a gorgeous dark red hue and a fruity citrusy flavour. BLIMEY! – our popular and award winning Lime Sour Ale is back too – deliciously refreshing for these warm summer days and only 3% ABV which means that the stalwarts amongst you can manage more than one!! So to celebrate this new addition to the Hurly Burly line up AND the gorgeous summer weather that has at last arrived – we are offering a 15% discount using this coupon code SUMMER21 at checkout. Shipping is still free for EH21 and EH15 postcodes and we have also managed to reduce the shipping for all EH postcodes to just £3.95. UK wide shipping is still only £4.95. The coupon is valid until 25th June but when I say Limited Edition – I mean really limited – just a couple of hundred bottles – so get in quickly if you want some! Happy Summer Days to All and Thank You for your continued support.
Louise and Peter

Musselburgh Active Toun – Consultation launch 24 May

As a key stakeholder in the Musselburgh Active Toun project, we wanted to let you know that the consultation for this project will start on Monday 24 May and will last for 8 weeks. It would be greatly appreciated if you could notify your colleagues in your groups of this consultation and share it, when it goes live. We are keen to hear from as many people as possible.

We will be in touch shortly to invite you to an online discussion session with other key stakeholders, and it would be great if a representative from your group would be able to attend. These sessions will take place after the launch of the project and will give us the opportunity to discuss the project in more detail and to hear your thoughts and opinions.

As background, I have provided some detail about the project below and have attached an image of the routes that we are going to be consulting on.

Barry Turner

AECOM are supporting East Lothian Council with the Musselburgh Active Toun project, which aims to introduce new and improved spaces for walking, wheeling and cycling so that making these choices is safer and more comfortable.

The Musselburgh Active Travel Network Masterplan, which was developed in 2018, proposed a network to encourage more people to walk, cycle and travel sustainably in and around Musselburgh. The Masterplan proposed a network of strategic active travel routes, and three of these are currently being taken forward by East Lothian Council to the Concept Design stage. The routes will connect key attractors within Musselburgh and provide greater accessibility between Musselburgh Town Centre and surrounding communities. The project has been awarded funding through the Places for Everyone scheme, funded by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland and administered by Sustrans.

The active travel routes aim to create a more accessible network in Musselburgh to suit the needs of everyone moving in and through the area, and connect into Midlothian and Edinburgh. The new routes will provide for existing pedestrians and cyclists, encourage new pedestrians and cyclists, provide for new sustainable travel demand associated with growth in Musselburgh from new development, and reduce the number of journeys made by car. While meeting many other objectives, the provision of sustainable infrastructure to encourage walking and cycling and reduce car trips, is also a key component of the Council’s response to the recently declared climate emergency. We are currently focusing on two full routes (Route 2 – A199 Edinburgh Road to Wallyford Toll Roundabout and Route 5 – Old Craighall to Musselburgh town centre) and the western section of Route 1 (Milton Road East junction to New Street). Consultation on the remainder of Route 1 (New Street to Millhill) will take place later in 2021.

Village Plant Sale

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to our impromptu village plant sale in Lyn Solley’s drive way. We were blessed with beautiful weather. With donations for Lyn’s topsoil and plants sold, the total raised for Musselburgh Horticultural society was £250.

Eve Dickinson

CAPP meeting update on priorities

ABS Newhailes – There has been numerous patrols from Police around this area and generally there has been a lot less trouble. Albeit there have been two fires reported, the youths had come down from Portobello, they have been spoken too. Patrols will continue and increase throughout the summer and over harvest time as this in particular was a problematic time there last year.

ASB Lewisvale park – Multiple patrols have taken place and no particular problems have been found. However a number of incidents have been reported into police that happened at times when they were not there including a hate crime directed at someone playing tennis. (There happened to be an off duty officer playing tennis at the same time)This is being followed up plus the assault on a female by four males. She was scratched and spat on in the park.

ASB Scramble bikes – Police have been very busy on patrols particularly around the Smeaton Shaw area. The word has spread that police are patrolling and of their successful operation last month so there has been a noted decrease in the number of bikes out. ELC and Police Scotland have had a virtual meeting to discuss how to take things forward. Kevin Hughes our community officer is keen to find an area that they can ride their bikes safely and without disturbance to residents. A meeting with Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) has been set up to discuss options and help.


ABS Mountjoy Terrace – Various complaints from residents about youths throwing stones and setting light to bins here and on the Loretto playing fields.

Bus vandalism – a S1 pupil at Musselburgh Grammer has been charged in relation to smashing a bus window on Newbigging

NWS – As you know I am know on the board for Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and Kevin and I are working hard to set up new watches in and around Musselburgh, if you know of anyone keen to set one up please feel free to let me know.

Traffic – A review of the 20MPH and 40MPH temporary speed limits is underway. Various equipment has been deployed over the last month to capture speeds in the usual hot spots. This will all be collated by the council and recommendation will be made. I believe the public can feed into this so please feel free to go onto the council website and do so. If I find a more specific link I will post it here. (Or if anyone else finds one, please feel free to post up). It was agreed while speeding is still a huge problem, the 20MPH has made people drive slower than the 30MPH limit so the hope is we can retain it but nothing is certain.


I raised the issue of continued speeding through the village. The BBQ/Fire that was set up at the bottom of Inveresk Gardens by someone who felt they had ‘the right to roam’. This morning I also raised the continual issues with stone and egg throwing from the Esk pathway onto houses in Inveresk Estate and I also mentioned the wine bottle that was smashed onto the Duncan’s car windscreen last night.


The continual ASB of youths was raised, drinking, vandalism, violence and jumping off the harbour when the tide is in. Many of the youths have come along from Portobello and are very drunk by 4pm. Police said they were going to try and tackle the problem earlier in the day but agreed it was generally associated with good weather so more patrols would be made available at these times.

It was also agreed Police would speak to local traders to take more care with quantities of alcohol sold to youths especially if they think it’s getting handed on to under age youths.

There is CCTV at the harbour but they are keen to try and increase this with the use of a mobile camera.

There is a move to try and create a separate walkway for pedestrians to try and separate the cars and the pedestrians


Possible drug dealing happening here. Attempted break into two cars which was disturbed by a neighbour shouting out and scaring them off. Police agreed there had been a surge in car related crime recently.

A new Neighbourhood Watch has been set up and advice was asked about who at the council would put up NW signage. Keith Scott was the name given at ELC

A safety report has been collated, including footage of fast and dangerous driving in Carberry and has been submitted to ELC in hope of further safety calming measures.

Groups of youths have been gathering on the pitches at the back of Campie and smashing windows and forcing younger kids off the pitches. There has been considerable vandalism done, ELC and Police are looking into installing CCTV.

Speeding raised as with other areas

Delivery van to the COOP at Clayknowes is parking on a double yellow line regularly and causing an obstruction.

Bus parking at Clayknowes is also causing an obstruction, it’s parking to make up time now it can’t go into QMU.

Youths are wandering on or dancing on the roads and banging on bus shelters. Accident waiting to happen.

People are parking beside the new planters and on the zig zag lines which is dangerous.


1) ASB Lewisvale
2) ASB Harbour
3) ASB Campie

It was discussed in length that whilst speeding is still a HUGE problem, it was recognised by everyone that it can’t be a continual priority. The items on the priority list should be things that should generally only be there for one or two months in the hope that they are resolved or at least improved. Police agree speeding would still be an issue and the only way it would be better was if it was enforced and this seems to be an issue. Calming methods were discussed, speed bumps are bad for cars and a lot of the foundations of old building. The calming methods in Wallyford caused more accidents with people trying to speed through them.

Finally, Police on bikes is the latest initiative that Kevin has reintroduced. More officers will be being trained on bikes so they can cover more ground. It’s also easy to cycle up behind people and they don’t hear you coming. Many of the community officers will be out on bikes now.

(meetings will now be on a 6 week basis to allow more time to follow up on actions)

Kathryn Shanks

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