Book Club – April gathering

What a jolly evening at Fred Lawson’s house on Wednesday evening, discussing “Seville Communion” by Arturo Perez-Reverte.  9 people took part in a lively chat covering the Catholic Church and Religion in general.  We came to no real conclusion, some liking the book, others not.  It got awarded a score of 6.2.  It covered the investigation by an emissary from the Vatican in Rome into the two deaths at a small crumbling church in Seville, destined to be demolished and taken over by greedy bankers.  In the end good prevails over plenty of evil, including sex and fisticuffs.  The reader is also guided through Seville, a romantic city, and its various edifices, bars and cafes.  That was the 15th book the club has discussed so far.
Charles Frederick (Fred) Lawson


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