Grannus Musings Book Club Review of “My Father’s House” by Bethany Dawson

The Grannus Musings book club met on Wednesday 27th May to discuss “My Father’s House” by Bethany Dawson. This is the author’s first published novel where she lays bare the story of a broken family gathering to support a dying father. The dying man had tried and failed to run a successful small farm in the face of competition in the face of changing world  markets, had sought solace in alcohol while retreating from his wife and family. The tragic effects of the domestic disharmony and the bids for freedom by his son and his wife are examined in the backdrop of the troubled society that was Northern Ireland in the late twentieth century. A different picture of the father as a young man is only revealed at his funeral and the reader is left to ponder how a change in circumstances can have a devastating effect on family relationships with fracture lines running into succeeding generations.

-Ian Orr


3 thoughts on “Grannus Musings Book Club Review of “My Father’s House” by Bethany Dawson

  1. An interesting read about a dysfunctional Northern Irish family, even after death. I would have liked a bit more about the troubles as Robbie had left the North for a more peaceful life as a journalist in Dublin. Well chosen Ian, even if it turned out that Bethany Dawson, the author, was in fact your cousin’s daughter.


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