Inveresk Village Picnic

As well as being a fabulous day out, we raised a staggering £1400 at yesterday’s Inveresk Village picnic! This will be donated to St Michael’s Church to help  with the renovations they are currently undergoing.

Thanks to all who contributed and if anyone is free this afternoon, Charlie Fletcher is looking for people to help with taking down the marquee at 3.30pm?

picnic1 picnic2 picnic3 picnic4

A few pictures that were taken yesterday by Alice Chute.


One thought on “Inveresk Village Picnic

  1. Congratulations to all, especially the Moore-Gordon / Fletcher families. Yesterday typified what good communities can do. Pulling together for a good cause, bringing together residents and friends of Inveresk Village. One of the reasons I love living here. It was a great afternoon with an excellent result for St. Michael’s .


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