Parakeet found in Inveresk

This is a picture of a parakeet that I found in the Inveresk Lodge NTS garden on Saturday and on the Windy Wind  path this morning. It seemed quite tame so I don’t fancy it’s chances with a fox. If we could find an owner at least we could notify them of any further sightings and they would know if there was any chance of catching it.

– Morag Reeves

Parakeet found in Inveresk


8 thoughts on “Parakeet found in Inveresk

  1. There are some birds kept in cages in the park opposite Musselburgh Grammar School Morag. Could it have come from there?


  2. Parakeet still surviving today, Wednesday. Spotted on the path down to the river. Flew over the wall into neighbouring garden. Isabel


  3. Not from park but they have offered to house it. There is a big empty area in their aviary.
    Can the next person to see it look to see if it has a ring.


  4. Owner has now been traced. He is coming up to see if he can see it. He lives down by the racecourse.


  5. I saw it this evening at about 6.45 again on Windy Wynd. Hope the owner can tempt it home!



    1. Hi Ian the owner of the parakeet has been trying in vain to catch him. His bonded mate in the large aviary is missing him. Thanks to Morag for all her help.


  6. He is still at large despite various attempts by the owners to catch him. It is an aviary he escaped from but clearly he is not keen to go back!


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