Inveresk reading group

Heads and Tales- June Report

“ The Full Cupboard of Life” by Alexander McCall Smith was introduced by Jack Kirk, who began with the poem “1st September” [i.e.1939] by WH Auden – McCall Smith’s lifelong fascination with Auden having resulted in his 2013 book “What WH Auden Can Do For You”.

Jack summarised the book as-

“This is the fifth in the series of (so far) sixteen tales of Precious Ramotswe set in Botswana, in which Mma Ramotswe and her friend Mma Potokwani deal inter alia with a case of a bullying fraudster, a case of a man unable to extricate himself from a promise to make a terrifying parachute jump, and a case of a man perpetually deferring the step of actually marrying the fiancee he loves (who happens to be Mma Ramotswe), all straightforward enough fear-centred problems when they affect other people and not oneself.  An orphan farm and a House of Hope for bad girls also feature, while the author seems to use the relative simplicity of the Botswana setting to clarify all sorts of universal issues.”


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