The sound of leather on willow

Does anyone know if there are regular cricket matches on the pitch at Double Dykes?  Ian Orr


3 thoughts on “The sound of leather on willow

  1. To the best of my local knowledge ( tho’ not too current) there is a Musselburgh Cricket team and that is their pitch . I have been known to sit and watch ( with a picnic) but I confess not for a long time!


  2. We have lived here for 15 years and I cannot recall any cricket match although I have seen the groundsman marking up a boundary and cutting the grass. The Council have built a spanking new pavilion on the North side, in addition to the old one on the West side, so games must be played. If you look at the notice in the equipment hut when it is open as the grass is being cut it shows an old list of teams. People used to practice golf but there is now a notice forbidding this after an unfortunate accident when a young boy was killed by a club.


  3. MCC have 2 Saturday XIs and play in divisions 1 and 7 of the local leagues. New members and spectators always welcome. I can be reached on 0776 179 1827.

    The season finishes at the end of August.


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