Inveresk Village Society Minutes

MINUTES of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm at Rowan House, 3 Inveresk Village on Tuesday, 16th June 2015.

Present: Barry Turner (BT) (In the Chair) Fred Lawson (FL)
Stephen Edwards (SE) Isabel Orr (IO)
Charlie Fletcher (CF) Jean Rae (JR)
Peter Hillier (PH)

In Attendance: Andy Duncan
Becca Duncan


Dorothy Boyd (DB), Bill Brown, Ian Irving (II) and Hugh Younger (HY) sent apologies.


The Minutes of the 11th March 2015 were approved as a correct record.


Under Committee Meeting Minutes – 16th December 2014:-

Minute No 11.3 Entrance Gate Piers at Eskgrove. These had been rebuilt.

Under AGM Minutes, 21st January 2015:-

Minute No 3. Salters Road, Wallyford. Angela Leitch, Chief Executive, East Lothian Council (ELC) had responded to BT’s letter of 16th March 2015 regarding the need for urgent action to clear up the derelict site. Her reply dated 23rd March had been negative, stating that ELC would not normally intervene in matters of fly tipping on private land unless there were possible issues relating to public health risk or environmental contamination and suggesting that it was the responsibility of the owner. Shortly after this there was a serious fire on the site which had involved the closure of the A1 and attendance by fire services, police, etc. BT had written again on 20th May 2015 stressing the urgent need for action.

Minute No 8.3. Speed limit in Inveresk. BT had written to Ray Montgomery, Head of Infrastructure, ELC. He had received a non-committal response which he would circulate.

Under Committee Minutes, 11th March 2015

Minute No 5. Open Day at Inveresk Lodge Garden. The Open Day had not taken place as Keith Halstead had informed the committee that the builders were in the Lodge. Tenants have now moved into Inveresk Lodge and it was agreed that it should be left to them to decide what access arrangements they would like. BT to inform Keith Halstead accordingly. BT


The Treasurer reported that the finances had not changed. Membership Convenor had sent his apologies.

The village picnic is scheduled for Saturday, 20th June from 1200-1600 hrs in the grounds of the Manor House. The village marquee will be erected; there will be a yard sale, BBQ and tea/coffee and soft drinks. The proceeds from the Yard Sale and the BBQ will be in aid of the urgent roof repairs needed for St Michael’s Church. No charge will be made for entry to the event but tickets for the BBQ + ice cream can be purchased at the entrance gate and those invited will be encouraged to bring along friends.

Stalls will include:

Book stall (including books written and signed by village resident authors)
£1 stall
£5 stall
£20+ stall
Baking and preserves stall

A check list to help with the organisation of the picnic will be sent to committee members.


It was first reported at the AGM of 17th January 2013 that ELC had decided to promote a Traffic Regulation Order introducing a “Prohibition and Restriction on Waiting and Loading and Unloading” on Inveresk Village Road following the problems experienced when those attending events at St Michael’s Church failed to observe the traffic cones laid out by the church officer and blocked the road to residents and emergency services. It was reported that this Order would be advertised for public comment and consultation. It would mean that double yellow lines would be applied to part of the road to enable the Order to be enforced by Lothian & Borders Police. A map showing the lines would be drafted by ELC.

At each AGM of the Society since 2013 it had been reported that there was no further information concerning this Order but recently notices had been erected along Inveresk Village Road informing residents that the application of the Order was imminent. Becca & Andy Duncan, relatively new residents in Inveresk Village Road, had asked if they could give an update to the committee. They felt that proper consultations had not been held where all interested parties had a chance to put forward their comments or objections; the Order affected their parking and that of others, and they had written to ELC asking if there could be a consultation opportunity. ELC had claimed that the Order inviting consultation had been appropriately and correctly advertised in East Lothian Courier, Council Web Site, etc. Whilst the committee remained neutral on the proposal, some members said they had been expecting to see further consultation on this matter and concerns were raised about the process. In these circumstances, if the matter is referred to the Ombudsman by the Duncans, the chairman will consider what representations, if any, the Society should make. BT


SE was not aware of any new planning matters relating to the village.

ELC – Main Issues Report (MIR). The deadline for representations on the MIR had passed. The Chairman reported that the final version of the Local Plan for East Lothian would appear in October 2015.

Proposed Lewisvale Children’s Home. Planning Application 14/01009/PCL. SE had not heard the outcome of the proposal to build a children’s home on an open land area within a housing estate on the fringes of Lewisvale Park. The Society had objected to this proposal.


Riding of the Marches 2016. It was felt that the Society could, perhaps, consider putting together photographs, and a historical note about the village which had been the first Conservation Area in Scotland, established in 1967. The Chairman would speak with Alistair Hadden to establish more clearly the requirements of the Riding of the Marches Committee. BT
Village Website ( Becca Duncan had designed a website for Inveresk Village and residents are invited to send news of forthcoming events or any local interest news stories, photographs, etc, to her email address at New posts will appear in villagers email box provided those interested press “Follow” at the bottom right-hand corner of the website and enter their email address.
Metal Plaque. A metal plaque indicating “Musselburgh Trail” has been attached, in error, to a listed wall on the River Esk Walkway. This has caused confusion and needs to be removed and placed correctly. BT to write to ELC
200-Year Anniversary of Battle of Waterloo. A memorial service was to take place (Thursday, 18th June at 10.30 am) at the grave in Inveresk Cemetery of Major William Ramsay who died in the battle. Details are available on the village website.
Scottish Heritage Angel Awards. A letter had been received asking if the Society would like to nominate volunteers who had made a contribution over the years in matters relating to Scottish Heritage. The committee discussed the matter and would consider putting forward name/s. BT
Civic Trust. A letter had been received asking whether or not the Society would consider supporting the Civic Trust by paying an annual contribution of £30. The Treasurer would look into the matter. FL
Village Noticeboard. The hinges on the village noticeboard were broken. A carpenter’s help would be sought. Anyone attaching a notice to board – beware! BT
Walks. Inveresk Village Summer Walks programme organised by Andy Duncan would continue on Thursday evening, 18th June with a 7-mile walk in the Lammermuir Hills. Details are available on village website.
Giant Hogweed. The River Esk and environs has a problem with giant hogweed, and Japanese knotweed plants. The Society would contact Stuart Pryde, Amenity Officer at ELC, regarding the problem which was particularly bad in the private fields of Kirk Park to the south-west of Inveresk Cemetery. BT


Proposed dates for future meetings are as follows:-

Tuesday, 22nd September 2015 ) IO’s home
Tuesday, 15th December 2015 ) WB’s home


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