East Lothian Council Active and Sustainable Travel Study

Hi all

I sit on the Musselburgh Area Partnership and we have got together with the other partnerships in East Lothian to look at ways to encourage people to use more sustainable methods of travel  –  very timely given the traffic conditions in Musselburgh. The project is called ‘East Lothian on the move – The route to smarter travel’.   We have appointed consultants who are holding some preliminary open, walk-in sessions for the general public the aim of which will be to get an understanding of behaviour, issues and barriers.  We want a wide range of people to attend.  The Musselburgh session is on 3rd September from 3pm till 8pm in St.Andrew’s High Church on the High Street.  Would you all circulate this information to those on your contact lists please?  if anyone wants more information they can get it at eastlothian.gov.uk/smartertravel.

Regards, Barry Turner


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