Ward boundary changes

The Boundary Commission changes for East Lothian’s wards have serious implications for Inveresk. The proposed boundary of the new single Musselburgh ward around Inveresk will be the railway line, so that part of Inveresk which lies south of the rail bridge (i.e. where I live) will be transferred to a new Tranent ward which will also include Wallyford and Whitecraig. It’s unbelievable. The village will be split between two wards. School catchment areas will be affected. Those of us south of the railway will have different councillors and we will no longer be part of the Musselburgh Area Partnership. This stupidity has to be prevented. The links here (blue writing) click through to their website where you can comment on the proposals. The deadline is October 22nd.

It will be a key item on the next Village Society committee meeting so add your comments below and I will try and get a newsletter out before this deadline.

Regards, Barry Turner


2 thoughts on “Ward boundary changes

  1. This looks ridiculous. I haven’t yet waded through all the various linked documents, but it looks as if some of the overall justification for ward changes is to improve community cohesion in east Lothian, however this change will do the opposite for Inveresk. I will send a response.


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