Voters in East Lothian

Are you registered under the new system? You should have received forms from the council or some other contact. If you’re not sure there’s no harm in registering again. You can register here online:

This Friday, over 2,000 people could be wiped off the East Lothian electoral register under new government rules. [1] Not being registered can affect your credit rating and mean that you miss out on voting. The worst part? Many people have no idea it’s happening to them.

Together, 38 Degrees members can sound the alarm. The people about to be taken off the register are our neighbours, family, friends and colleagues – people we see everyday. If we all commit to telling 5 people in East Lothian about Friday’s deadline, we can make sure our neighbours are still registered.

Can you tell people you know in East Lothian to make sure they’re registered? You can email this message to people you know. Better yet, a phone call will do the job.


There might not be an election for a while, but being registered matters right now. The government is cutting the number of MPs and basing the cuts on how many people are registered – not actual population. So fewer people registered here could mean East Lothian loses out.

And if that wasn’t enough, not being registered to vote could also impact your credit rating. [3] This can make ordinary things like getting a phone contract, a credit card or buying a car more difficult.

Our political system isn’t perfect. But voting is one of the main ways we can hold our politicians to account.

So can you sound the alarm now with your neighbours, friends and family in East Lothian so that they’re registered before Friday? Just share the graphic below or get in touch with someone now.
– Barry Turner


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