New pharmacy next to the NISA supermarket

I wonder if, through the Village Society, you would pass on the message below to Inveresk residents. We do think that a pharmacy on this side of Musselburgh could be beneficial to us living here.  Malcolm’s parents are very old friends of ours and are known to quite a few residents in the village.

Thank you.

Nora Baylis.

“Malcolm Clubb (the son of a now retired Musselburgh GP)  is due to have a preliminary meeting on Dec 15th regarding his application for a preliminary licence to open a new pharmacy next to the NISA supermarket in Pinkie Road.
He would appreciate any written support particularly on parking issues, speed of repeat prescribing service and ability to provide pharmacy services for the 4000 extra houses to be built on the east side of Musselburgh  Please ask friends and relatives to support the application.
Letters of support can be sent to Malcolm at

10 Dolphinstone Way
East Lothian

EH32 9QX”


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