Leading on from Wednesday night’s AGM I attach the up to date contact points for Neighbourhood Watch in Inveresk. At present less than 33% of households are registered to receive information which we distribute throughout the year. It appears that on many occasions, only when there is a problem, certain residents take an interest.

If any resident wishes to be included on our e-mailing list please inform your area co-ordinator.   

-Jim Raitt

Contact points for Inveresk Neighbourhood Watch are as Follows:

Inveresk Co-Ordinator:

James S Raitt   e-mail Tel 665 2696


1       Carberry Road, Carberry Close, Carberry Court, Crookston Road and Crookston Court

2       Kathryn Shanks:

Wedderburn Court, Wedderburn House, Smeaton Grove and Delta Place.

3       Arthur Hickman;

Wedderburn Terrace

4       Jenny Mollison;

Inveresk Village and Double Dykes

5       Robin Rae;

Granus Mews, Inveresk Gate, Inveresk Estate& St Michael’s


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