The Book Groups get together

On a cold and snowy night in January, two groups of bibliophiles gathered at Inveresk House, the home of Alice and Johnny Chute. It was an anthropological mission to study the varied reading habits of two tribes who have made their homes in the ancient village of Inveresk. The book discussed was “Me talk pretty one day”  by the American comedy writer, David Sedarus.  Some people liked it and some people didn’t. It was noted that the people who didn’t care for  it had neglected to read it. A discussion ensued  on aspects of comic writing in comparison to live readings. Refreshments were served and no fisticuffs occurred between the two tribes, Grannus Musings and Heads and Tails. A discarded artefact, resembling a device for sheltering from the elements, was handed back to the Grannus Musings founder and any claimants should apply forthwith.

– Alice Chute


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  1. The Heads and Tales tribe are only mildly annoyed that the Grannus Musings tribe failed to spell their names correctly but, since their correspondent thinks color and humor are correct, we will let it pass.

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