Derelict Former Crookston School Building in SaltersRoad,Wallyford

I have attached an info sheet outlining my personal views about the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh 1547and the connection with Crookston School site. I firmly believe it could be developed as a heritage centre because a will appears to exist in the community for this. There are many people in this village who do not realise the significance of this and that is why I have submitted this article.

It was also the biggest battle ever fought in Scotland involving thousands of troops and about 6000 killed. It was also the first modern battle on British soil featuring combined arms cooperation between infantry, artillery and cavalry together with a naval bombardment off the shore at Musselburgh in support of land forces.

I do not intend to make this a political matter and will supply all the political parties in East Lothian with the aforementioned contents as it represents a major development for the County.

–    Ian Irving

Have a look at this information by clicking on the link below.



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