We Must Save Musselburgh

All of us who love Musselburgh must stand together against the expansion plans that will inevitably be contained in the proposed Local Plan. The proposals for nearly 5000 new homes will dramatically change our town making it a much less desirable place to live and do business. The proposals are damaging, unrealistic, over-ambitious and counter-productive. And it will not end here. Already the planners at a regional level are pointing to East Lothian as a place which should continue to take housing growth longer term because of its alleged transport accessibility and that will mean even more housing in Musselburgh. We must stop this craziness. If we don’t the Musselburgh that we know and love will no longer be recognisable as a place with a separate and valued identity. This is something that should particularly worry us in a year when we will celebrate the Riding of the Marches. We must ask ourselves if in 21 years’ time there will be recognisable and meaningful Marches to mark. What legacy will we be leaving our children and grand children?

We can make a difference. When the Local Plan is put out for consultation, call for a significant reduction in the numbers of new dwellings proposed in and around Musselburgh and give all your reasons for doing so. In particular support the omission of Goshen as a development location but object to its replacement by development elsewhere around the town. Especially object to development at Howe Mire which not only impacts on the site of the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh but will open up all the land to the south of the town to eventual development by removing a defensible Green Belt boundary. It seems that we can’t rely on the council to protect our town so we will need to be in a position to collectively put our case to a reporter at the Local Plan Inquiry. Perhaps organisations and individuals should get together now to start a LET’S SAVE MUSSELBURGH campaign.

Barry Turner

Retired Town Planner and member of Musselburgh Conservation Society committee


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