Antiques Roadshow

Yesterday’s Antiques Roadshow at St Michael’s Church was a huge success. The Church quickly filled with people who had been rifling through their attics, clutching their potential treasure to unearth it’s history and see if it was of any value. While folk were waiting to have their possessions valued by a team of Lyon and Turnbull experts, a ‘Downton’exhibition and magic lantern show had been laid on by the Burnets to entertain us. Teas and coffees, soup and sandwiches were served next door.

The antiques road show made a surplus of £900 from ticket sales and lunches. This will be put towards the Church renovation fund.


3 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow

  1. Congratulations to all who helped raise that fantastic amount of money. It was a lovely day bringing many new faces into the Church. The “Downtown” exhibition was excellent.


  2. A truly fantastic amount. Many thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort to make such a lovely, fun day for the community.


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