A play for Musselburgh on the Fishwives of Fisherrow



I am a fourth year student studying drama and performance at Queen Margaret University and I am part of  Skirts and Aprons Theatre Company. We are currently doing a module at the university for our final year called Professional Performance and Development (PPD) and for this we have to devise a performance focused on a specific targeted audience and present a play to them. For our performance we have create a play for the people of Musselburgh focused on the Fishwives of Fisherrow.

We are a company that predominately focuses on small communities and have created a family performance that highlights the strengths and hope that can be found in small communities such as Musselbrugh and Fisherrow. We would love you to come along to our production on the 24th March at 4.30pm at Queen Margaret University.

Thank you again

Rebecca Wilson


One thought on “A play for Musselburgh on the Fishwives of Fisherrow

  1. Thanks Rebecca unfortunately because of time and distance I can’t be there. I have an old photo of my great gran Elizabeth dressed as the ladies on your web page and think what a hard life but she made us all a loving family. I still have family living around Embra though.
    John Thorburn


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