Proposal for Housing Development on Eden Hall Hospital Site

There is to be an exhibition of proposals for housing development on the Eden Hall hospital site at the Musselburgh East Community Centre, Haddington Road, on 26th April from 2 till 7.  It has always been rumoured that the developers would seek access across the fields from Inveresk.  I don’t know if this is now proposed but I think Inveresk residents should go along to check the scheme out. If an Inveresk access is proposed, opening up for development the fields through which it would pass, then we should all make our views known.

Regards, Barry Turner


2 thoughts on “Proposal for Housing Development on Eden Hall Hospital Site

  1. Lots of people turned up but there was no meeting.
    Ann the caretaker said that no room had been booked for such an event.


  2. I have spoken to my contact in the planning department about this and apparently the developers cancelled the exhibition seemingly without telling anyone. It appears that it will now take place in August.
    Regards, Barry


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