Make votes count for all elections

Last May, the general election result was the most disproportionate in history – the seats didn’t match the votes. But, thanks to our voting system, that result will be repeated across England at local elections this Thursday.

The way we elect our local councillors is broken. In just a few days, parties will be handed the keys to town halls across the country without a majority of the vote. In some areas, local elections look more like North Korea than North Kent, with no opposition at all on the council, or only one candidate on the ballot.

There is another way. Every other election on Thursday will use a fairer voting system. In Scotland, a fairer system has revived local democracy. If it works in Scotland, why can’t we try it in England too?

I want to make votes count at every election

No one should be left without a voice on their local council. That’s why we are launching a petition to give local councils the power to choose a fairer voting system for local elections. Sign our petition today to make votes count at every election.

Best wishes,

Alexandra Runswick

Director, Unlock Democracy


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