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At Fred Lawson’s house, 13 stalwarts discussed Richard Holloway’s latest book “Leaving Alexandria.”  Alexandria is a working class area near Glasgow.

The wonder of the meaning of life and why are we all here, was poignant because Richard, the Retired Bishop of Edinburgh and author, was in our presence contributing to our thoughts.

Even he, a man who rose from a lowly background to the highest position of Primus in the Scottish Episcopal Church, isn’t sure.

One reads through his fascinating insight of how a churchman regards life and his surroundings, trying to find the meaning of it all.

It is only on the last page in the last 3 words do we realise even he doesn’t know the answers.  Does God exist or is he a figment of our imagination?

He talks about his own end when his ashes will be blown over the Pentland Hills.  Is that the end?  His answer “Well, almost certainly….”

Richard is a great wordsmith.  His many books are deeply thought provoking.   We are looking forward to his next one to be published shortly “A little history of religion

Not only Christianity, but the great religions of the world are all looking for the same thing.  Why?  I will be fascinated to read what he says.

It will be launched at St George’s Church at their book festival.  He is a great thinker who does not appeal to everybody’s taste but that is what makes him interesting.

He is not just a sheep who takes all for granted.  He questions and questions again.  He says he came out of religion but he has now returned. What an eloquent and interesting man.

-Fred Lawson


2 thoughts on “Grannus Musings Book Club

  1. The Book Club’s latest report was most interesting. Thank you for that , it inspires me to read Richard Holloway’s book


  2. It was a really interesting and thought provoking book, that scored highly and provoked a really good discussion Wilma. Despite us all having different beliefs, I think most of us shared Richard Holloway’s views in the book. Well worth a read.


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