Update on Inveresk Village Charity Initiatives

Open Gardens Day  Final Tally                              £5044.44

Shepherd House Garden (as of September)     £3700.00

Extra Calendar Sales (as of September)            £  492.00

Total                                                                          £9236.44

The element directed to Horatio’s Garden is £3659.78. Rather poignantly one of the visitors on the Open Garden Day in June, was later rendered paraplegic in an unfortunate accident and is now benefiting from the newly opened Horatio’s Garden in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. Lady Ann and Sir Charles Fraser attended the opening of the garden and were impressed by the design and the great potential the garden has, especially when it matures further.

Further Inveresk Village calendars are due to be printed in October, and more detailed information will be posted then.

Ian Orr


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