Musselburgh expansion – a compromise

Here is a letter that I intend to submit to the Courier. The Village Society will be making an objection supporting this approach and there will be reference to this in the newsletter.

“Reading letters in the Courier it is evident that there is as much opposition in the more rural parts of East Lothian to huge increases in housing numbers as there is in and around Musselburgh. To me as a town planner there seems little point in seeking a major redistribution of new housing to these areas given the opposition that will be generated. Such opposition will simply delay the Local Plan and thus lead to developers continuing to put forward inappropriate proposals on sensitive sites, and being supported on appeal on the basis of housing need. 

The Musselburgh Conservation Society has therefore lodged an objection to the Proposed Local Plan based upon a reduction of 1000 dwellings in the Musselburgh cluster which it sees as a compromise approach representing damage limitation. With such a reduction it feels that adjustments can be made to the plan which do not involve the need for alternative site allocations elsewhere and it has set these out in its objection.

The Society has proposed that the reduction in Musselburgh be achieved by removing the damaging Howe Mire allocation which will despoil the Pinkie Cleugh battlefield site, and the allocation at Whitecraig North, both of which would open up large swaths of Green Belt and class 1 agricultural land for future development. It also proposes reducing numbers at Dolphingstone which is an extension of the Wallyford development, and at Craighall to bring both more in line with what was originally outlined for these areas in the Main Issues Report.

If you support this compromise approach then submit an electronic objection along the same lines using the council’s consultation portal, or write to Iain McFarlane, the Planning Service Manager, at John Muir House, Haddington, saying that you support the Musselburgh Conservation Society’s objection. Together we can make a difference.”

Barry Turner, Musselburgh Conservation Society


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