Heads and Tales

Heads and Tales bookclub discussed A M Homes prizewinning book May We Be Forgiven this week. An animated debate considered whether the book was a story of redemptive change in an individual drifting through a mediocre suburban life in Westchester, New York or a vacuous tale of disjointed stories attempting to parody wealthy American middle class life. While opinions were deeply divided, in common with many other online reviews, there was some consensus that a keynote speech in the book was-

“There is a world out there, so new, so random and dissociated that it puts us all in danger. We talk online, we ‘friend’ each other when we don’t know who we are really talking to.—- We mistake almost anything for a relationship, a community of sorts, and yet, when we are with our families, in our communities, we are clueless, we short-circuit and immediately dive back into the digitised version …”

The club meets again in December to discuss Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, and in January to discuss La Bete Humane by Emile Zola.

Ian Orr


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