Calendar Sales proceeds to Inveresk Lodge Garden

Note from National Trust Scotland about the use of money donated from Inveresk Calendar sales

We are going to use the donation to create a new flower border between the Glasshouse and the potting shed called the Pebble Border. It will contain shrubs and herbaceous plants such as Agapanthus, Penstemons and Roses.

The issue as always is not the buying of plants but the staff time it takes for the border to be prepared, double dug and plants bedded in with compost and cared for on top of the rest of the garden with only one gardener. Luckily we have had another donation recently which allows us to bring in a contract gardener for a day or two to assist with getting these plants in the ground.

Moving forward, we will only be able to accept donations towards the general maintenance of garden or for items on the NTS shopping list which is a list we give each year to our Member’s Centres or others who wish to donate.

We would however like to thank the village and those who purchased a calendar for their generous donations which will add a nice new element to Inveresk Lodge Garden.

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