Village Picnic 

As chairman of the Village Society I should like to thank everyone who contributed to the planning and execution of the village picnic for making it such a success in spite of unfriendly weather. In particular thanks must go to the organising sub-committee, to those who did the baking, to Luca’s for providing the ice cream, to Ian Irving for putting up the display, to the marquee erectors and dismantlers and of course to Marianne More-Gordon and the Fletchers for kindly acting as hosts. I apologise if my contribution to the musical entertainment caused any distress! Even with my interventions didn’t Fiona do well keeping the music going? It is good to see that further use is being made this week of our marquee (or portable village hall) and I must thank all those who undertook its transfer in manageable segments along the road to the new location. I would remind everyone that it is available to residents of the village for a modest fee.

Barry Turner


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