Important Information about Riverside and Eskbridge medical practices

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I would be grateful if you would circulate to your members the attached information which we are trying to get out and as widespread as possible. You may also consider displaying the info on your Inveresk community noticeboard. I am doing this on behalf of the Riverside/Eskbridge Patient Participation Group.

Thank you

Yvonne Cunningham


Heads and Tales

We discussed the Bailey prize winning book “The Power” by Naomi Alderman in December. The concept of the reversal of power structures caused by women’s discovery of a hidden power to give electric shocks and potentially terminate men, whose behaviour they found unacceptable, was found to be amusing. The author’s analysis of how women might use this power seemed to demonstrate a desire to write a novel that would easily translate to the small or large screen. Given the very poor financial return for the average novelist this approach can be understood but is less satisfactory for a reader. The author’s ultimate answer to the question “Why do people abuse power?— Because they can “ seems chillingly accurate.

– Ian Orr

 Are You Waiting For Fibre Connectivity?

I am trying to ascertain the level of latent demand in the village for Internet fibre connectivity to use as a lever with BT Openreach.
With non fibre connectivity speeds of up to 20mps are advertised although 5 to 10 mpbs is more realistic. With standard fibre connectivity speeds of up to 40 mpbs are advertised when the fibre terminates in the local BT cabinet. Higher speeds are available but usually require fibre to the end address.

The BT Openreach web site for fibre availability says for the majority* of the village :- “Engineering work
Your area is enabled for Superfast Fibre, but you may not be able to order a service because our engineers are carrying out some maintenance on the cabinet that connects your home.
We’re aiming to complete this work as soon as possible, so please check back for an update
.” This has been the situation for more than twelve months!

A recent query through the web site elicited the response:- “I’ve had a look at this for you and it looks like your query will need some further investigation by our specialist team to resolve.
Unfortunately I have heard no further from BT despite chasing.
This affects all Internet providers who use BT for their connectivity I.e. Sky, Talk Talk, Plusnet, Post Office. Virgin do not have service in this area.

If you are waiting for Internet fibre connectivity then can you send me an email with your post code and if there is sufficient demand I will use it as leverage with BT.

Thank you

Moir Pettigrew

* – all areas except post codes 7UA, 7TA, 7TB, 7TT. All these are at the church end of the village.