Inveresk Village Society


The Inveresk Village Society exists for the benefit of all village residents in trying to strengthen the community spirit by participation and organisation of various events throughout the year. It also acts as a village champion by commenting on, objecting to or supporting planning applications to ensure any proposed construction is sympathetic to the character of the village.

The Society also works for the benefit of all Inveresk residents and has successfully helped individuals in dealing with planning problems, whether or not they have been members of the Society. It is happy to go on doing this but considers it could be even more effective if all residents were members.

Whilst the Society is truly grateful for all the ongoing support provided by life members, it also recognises the significant importance that annual membership plays and would therefore encourage all Inveresk residents to join or renew membership of the Society.

Should you wish to do so, click on this link to download an Inveresk Village Society membership form and return it with your cheque (payable to The Inveresk Village Society) to:

Mr Bill Brown

Membership Convenor

Inveresk Village Society

14 Carberry Road


EH21 7TN

If you would like more information on the Society, please feel free to contact me by phone on 0131 665 9610 or by email or any members of the committee.

Committee Members

Dorothy Boyd                           Fred Lawson

William Brown                         Isabel Orr

Stephen Edwards                     Linda Kirkwood

Charlie Fletcher                        Barry Turner

Peter Hillier                               Julia Jeffree

Ian Irving                                   Andy Duncan

Minutes of AGM on 18th January 2017


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