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I have a pile of old, some very old garden magazines, mostly the RHS ‘The Garden’ but also Gardens Illustrated that I would like rid of. They would have to be collected from here but otherwise no charge.


Lady Fraser

Shepherd House


EH21 7TH


Heads and Tales bookclub

Accordion Crimes by Annie Proulx caused a lively discussion and strong opinions at Heads and Tales bookclub on 23 January. Written in eight parts , the novel tells the story of immigration to the USA through the vehicle of a small green Sicilian accordion which arrives in New Orleans  in the late 1800s ending up 100 years later in Minnesota.

America’s ethnic minorities are rendered with Proulx’s unique blend of insight, detailed description, unsentimental candour and deadpan black humour. Each section contains short vignettes depicting the cultural baggage- attitudes, behaviors and social conditioning- that immigrants brought with them, and the degree to which they attempted to integrate or not. The suspicion and scapegoating of new immigrants by those more established ones, felt very contemporary.

At 540 pages, it’s a long read which some  of us struggled to finish, largely due to frustration with Proulx’s perceived failure to adequately flesh out her multitudinous characters. Most of us found the early section on the German community engaging and admired her ear for dialogue across nationalities and eye for detail in the environment. Her ability to evoke a place, a period and an atmosphere impressed the majority, the weakness for some being the sheer amount of description.

Some objected  to an unrealistic profusion of melodramatic events and bizarre, often very violent deaths whilst others felt she had accurately  described the American underclass, particularly its non-native one, as particularly vulnerable and therefore prone to confrontation and early death.

Alison Paterson

Support for Local Project

Today was my first Sunday helping at Cook-in at the Hollies Musselburgh. It is a community service providing a bowl of hot soup, a homemade roll and a bag of veggies for the elderly and families in need. 

Morrisons kindly donate vegetables which are made into soup and / or bagged to be donated to our growing list of customers.

A great use of vegetables that would otherwise end up in landfill and something that is outwith the remit of the Foodbank.

I believe this service will grow as the word spreads. 

We are desperately in need of thermal / cool boxes to keep the soup hot. 

Donations of Bags for life are also most welcome

Does anyone locally have a cool box that they do not need that they could donate?

I would be happy to collect.

Anyone with spare time on Sundays would be most welcome. tasks vary from collections from Morrisons – distribution later in the day

Eve Dickinson

19 Wedderburn terrace.

Tel: 0131 665 3981

Inveresk Village Community Weekend

Hi Folks,We’re going to be having a big Inveresk Village get together on the weekend of 24/25 March.  

The programme of events is shown below:
Saturday 24 March

11.00am – Meet for a village litter pick

7.30pm – Family ceilidh in St Michael’s Church Hall, Dalrymple Loan
Sunday 25 March

2.00pm – We’ll meet in the village for a six mile walk around Winton House in East Lothian followed by a meal at a local pub/restaurant.

Tickets for the ceilidh will go on sale in the next few weeks and we’ll also send out further details for all the events during February. It would be great to see as many people as possible at the above and therefore please mark the date in your diary.

We look forward to seeing you in March.

Andy Duncan & Linda Kirkwood 


Garden colour A5 for April

Our next Talk is ‘Maintaining Colour from Spring to Autumn’ on Monday 5th February 2018 at the Hollies Day Centre, High Street, Musselburgh at 7.30pm.

Our  Guest Speaker is Mr John Bracken, and the Talk will be followed by a Raffle and Tea/Coffee and cake. Do try to come and join in !

Any Membership Fees due in October or November 2017 not yet paid, can be sent to our Treasurer Mr William Ramsay, 50 Edenhall Crescent, Musselburgh EH21 7JH. The Fee stays the same at £5 and cheques can be made out to Musselburgh Horticultural Society.

Hope to see you at there.

April Fyfe (Membership Secretary)

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