Holiday – Security Advice

Inveresk Neighbourhood Watch

Please find attached Info from Scottish Neighbourhood Watch for your information and possible check list.


Holiday – Security Advice

Secure your home whilst you’re on holiday

Follow our advice below to help keep your home safe while you are on holiday

• Fit good quality kite marked British Standard locks or bolts to all outside doors. Lock all windows and doors and remove the keys to a safe place when you leave the house.

• If you have an intruder alarm, make sure it’s set. If you don’t have one consider having an approved alarm system installed. Ensure keyholders are updated and contactable.

• Make use of timer plugs with lamps and radios to make your home seem occupied. Arrange for a relative, trusted friend or neighbour to check your home, collect post, open and close curtains.

• Don’t leave valuable items such as laptops and jewellery in view of windows. Lock valuable items in a ground anchored safe or you could consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other family members whilst away.

• Make sure all access points are secured such as gates and activate any external security lighting that you may have.

• Ensure gardening equipment, tools and ladders are put away and securely stored. Don’t leave them lying around in your garden as they could aid offenders.

• Ensure your garden is well maintained, grass cut etc. prior to going on holiday and during holiday if away for a longer period.

• Ensure that sheds and outbuildings are locked and secured. Use good quality locks on garages and sheds (ensure screws on latches and hinges cannot be undone easily from the outside) and where possible ensure that they are alarmed

• Mark your valuables such as jewellery and electronic equipment including your gardening equipment, tools and other valuables stored in sheds and garages with your postcode. Visibly marking items with your postcode offers more of a deterrent, and ensure that you use window stickers to show items are marked and identifiable.

• Photograph and keep detailed records of expensive items.

• Cancel any regular deliveries and only tell people who need to know you’re going away.

• Don’t post or comment on social media about going or being on holiday. You wouldn’t display a sign in your window advertising that you’re going on holiday, so don’t advertise it online.

• Make sure that you have up-to-date contents and buildings insurance.

• Don’t have your home address showing on your luggage for the outward journey. Put this only on the inside of your cases.

• Consider joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch  / Rural Watch – further information at

• Cars can be a target. Secure cars in a locked garage or if in driveway consider additional visible steering lock (Thatcham tested / approved ) If you have a keyless car, secure keys as far away as possible from accessible doors/ windows and keep in a signal blocking wallet

NWS Team



Just wanted to give you all an update as a result of the community council/police meeting that Jim Raitt and I attended last night.  We ran through the events of late and they have agreed that this area will be one of the three targets set from the meeting for this month.  He has agreed that a police patrol and officers on bikes or foot would be useful to see if we can reduce the number of visits up here. The anti-social behaviour team and the house break-in team are working on recent activity up here as well.

The councillors are going to write a letter to the current Justice Minister to ask for stricter sentencing on those picked up by the police and higher powers for the police. The situation as it stands makes it very hard for the police to prosecute or even arrest in some cases.

Our community police officer is Jeff Low and he is happy to hear from anyone with any concerns or is looking for advice – his email is however he did reiterate that obviously he is not on duty 24/7 so would welcome any phone calls of concerning behaviour through 101 at any time of the day or night or 999 if its urgent like a break in. He also said if a car looks out of place please please just jot down the registration plate – 9/10 times it maybe innocent but they really don’t mind running plates and sometimes it the missing piece the jigsaw for them.  He applauded our neighbourhood watch group and agreed it is one of the most effective ways of staying safe.

We suggested maybe having a meeting and he could come along to that and just reassure us and give a few more pointers on continued safety but to be honest most of us are being vigilant and have appropriate deterrents in place.  The usual things were mentioned and just to reiterate the security measures that most of us have in place already:

– Security lights

– House alarm

– Blocks to stop windows going up too far

– Pins through sash and case windows

– Cars in garages or drives where possible

– Car keys hidden and in pouches so remote devices can’t be used to open cars

– Open lines of communications with your neighbours

– Being an active member of Neighbour hood watch

– Neighbour hood watch signs visible in the street

– Neighbourhood watch stickers, CCTV stickers and Smart Water sticker in house windows


– Dogs are a great deterant

– Phoning 101 or 999 when necessary

Hope this is a wee bit reassuring – update meeting will be in late August!


Kathryn Shanks

Plate from Open Gardens Teas

I still have a 23cm white plate with an orange rim left behind after the open garden day.  If anyone knows who the owner is or recognises it as their own can they please contact me.


Isabel Orr

Small fire at Pinkiehill

Hello all,

My wife Eleanor and our son John were out walking Monday morning (25 June) between 11:30 and noon on Crookston Road when she noticed smoke, it was coming from the area at Pinkiehill where a couple dilapidated farm buildings are located (behind the wall along Carberry Road) She called the fire service and they said it appeared that someone was intentionally trying to start a fire. Before her walk Eleanor thought she could hear a couple male voices and some laughter outside while she was inside the kitchen at the farmhouse. There wasn’t any notable damage as the fire was caught early.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed suspicious activity in this area around 11am – 12pm Monday morning?

Rob Martino

Redgauntlet by Sir Walter Scott

A report from the most recent meeting of Heads and Tales,

Best wishes

Ian Orr

Redgauntlet by Sir Walter Scott

A serious wade through a 400 page book with the stickiness of Solway mud where a really good yarn is mainly set. The first half takes place in and around Dumfries and is written as a series of letters (emails today).It is based on the adventures of a young man escaping from the discipline of law studies which his friend endures. In the second part of the story all the cast of the first half meet again through many unlikely coincidences in Cumbria, for the conclusion of an imagined Jacobite plot some 20 years after 1745.

The “glaur” reveals several pithy statements about the human condition (some of which are to be read in Waverley station) and accurate descriptions of issues not fully resolved to this day. Avoid an early peek at the last chapter to learn how heads (mostly) ruled hearts and to enjoy how one young man finally found a remarkable girl.

Dry as dust it is not.

Mussel Shell installation on Murdoch Green

You may have noticed the artist Micheal Johnson installing this Shell sculpture on Murdoch Green over the past couple of days. Michael is just finalising the timings of the paving install which will include the bronze designs made by the Musselburgh cluster school children. This was part of the project’s community involvement programme.

The Fisher Folk sculpture which was located on Murdoch Green is now in the process of being refurbished by the original artist at his studio prior to being installed at its new location.

The archer installation on the banks of the Esk will take place week beginning 25 June. The arrow locations are being finalised and will follow.

Newbiggin Calder Cottage

We have been sent this query and wonder if anyone can help Jennifer? If anyone knows anything about this, could they either comment below or email the website ( Many thanks.

Is there a house called something like this that I have copied from the 1881 census but is hard to read?

Newbiggin Calder Cottage, Inveresk, Inveresk & Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

I am looking into my family history on my father’s side of the family which follows from the daughter Isabella Moir of James Moir and Isabella Galloway at the above address in 1881.

I apologies for bothering you. What a brilliant idea of a village website!

Jennifer Harding

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