Inveresk Village Book Groups

If you have been reading the reviews of some of the books which the village book group have read, why not think of joining.  There are actually two groups which each meet once a month , on different evenings, and you would be welcome to come along and try them out.  If you are interested, please contact Ian or Isabel at or on 0131 6530641.

Isabel Orr


Grannus Musings Book Club September 2017


The Grannus Musings Book Club discussed An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris last night at Fred Lawson’s abode. It was the usual convivial and gay discussion – gay in the old fashioned sense of being happy, all being fortified by suitable refreshment and cheese. Fred had arranged for a lovely cake with books and roses in icing from BAMS Deli on Musselburgh High Street.  Deeeelish.
The book scored quite highly achieving 8’s and 9’s.  We were all appalled that there could be such an iniquitous miscarriage of justice against the Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus in 1895 and shocked that this actually happened. The evidence was sketchy in that there were only 2 items of note.  A petit bleu telegram which was forged and a secret file not seen by the defending lawyers. The middle ranking officers were doing the bidding of the top brass to get Dreyfus shipped off to Devil’s Island to die.  However, Major Georges Picquard is promoted Colonel in charge of espionage in the French Army. He realises that the evidence had been planted and was determined to expose this and prove Dreyfus’ innocence of passing secret information to the Germans. The Generals had Picquart dismissed from the army.  However, a civil case later proved the verdict unsafe and he was restored in the rank of Brigadier and then General and Minister of War. Instead of being prosecuted the Generals retired on full pensions.  The nub of this true story is that self regulation does not work as the General Staff pulled rank and it was only when a civil trial was held that the truth came out. An enthralling read with marvellous detail by the author which keeps you gripped all the way through.
Our next book is The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng.  Come and join us at Becca Duncan’s house on 11th October 2017.
Fred Lawson

Tour of Britain Cycling to come through Musselburgh tomorrow (3/9/17)

The Tour of Britain cycling race starts in Edinburgh at 10.30am tomorrow morning and will be coming through Musselburgh on the first leg to Kelso. There may be some disruption with the traffic as a result, but if you are interested in seeing Mark Cavendish and co in action, you might want to head down there for a look. For more details, click through to the link to the official Tour of Britain website.

Becca Duncan

Please Object to this application- template provided

Please object to this proposal & protect our community. You can do this by writing to this address –

East Lothian Council, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA

REF: Application Goshen Farm 17/00721/PPM


You can copy and paste the template letter below.

– Eve Dickinson
Dear Sirs,

I strongly object to the application to develop the land at Goshen Farm,

Musselburgh, East Lothian, on the following grounds:
1. The land is Greenbelt and designated for Agricultural use.

2. The traffic in Musselburgh is already chaotic. Musselburgh cannot

cope with additional traffic created by commuters, businesses and school

runs of a development creating a precedent for further housing on the

Goshen site. There is already the likelihood of unacceptable pressure on

the roads infrastructure due to the ongoing developments & those with

planning permission in the local area. There does not appear to be any

proposal within East Lothian Council’s Local Development plan to provide

relief from the present traffic congestion in Musselburgh.. Pollution

levels are already dangerously high in Musselburgh.

Despite the huge increase in housing being built and proposed in East

Lothian there is no provision to improve the Edinburgh City Bypass to

relieve the increasing congestion.

Car parking for commuters wishing to use Park and Ride facilities at

Wallyford is at full capacity with commuters parking their vehicles on

nearby roads. Trains are also running at full capacity during peak periods.

3. Local Grammar schools have inadequate capacity to service such a

development. There is already the likelihood of unacceptable pressure on

secondary education in Musselburgh, Tranent & Prestonpans due to present

& ongoing developments in the local area. The proposed new secondary

school for Musselburgh East must be completed as a matter of urgency

before any further developments are considered at the Western side of

the East Lothian boundary.

4. Musselburgh, Wallyford, Tranent & Prestonpans have inadequate General

Medical & Dental facilities to maintain a reasonable level of health

care for the proposed increase in population that would be created by

this development. Services are already stretched to the limit.

The Nearest A &E is located at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Its facilities

are already overstretched. The nearest Minor Injuries unit is at the

Western General Hospital. 45 minutes by car with no direct bus service.

The opportunity to provide A&E or Minor Injuries emergency services at

the New Roodlands Hospital has been refused

5. The nearest large Supermarket serving the proposed development is

Tesco in Musselburgh. Access to Tesco would further increase the

congestion & pollution in Musselburgh.

6. Goshen is a wildlife corridor which facilitates migratory birds, deer

and wildlife to reach the Lagoons. The lagoons are an important

recreational, tourism and educational resource and a designated Nature


7. The application proposes to include the use of a section of the

historic Pinkie Battlefield site. This is part of the Scottish people’s

heritage and should be preserved.

8. Goshen farm creates a defined boundary between Wallyford, Prestonpans

and Musselburgh. It protects the identity of the ancient Royal Burgh of

Musselburgh and should be conserved.

East Lothian Council should refuse this application as it is detrimental

to the physical welfare, service provision & facilities of local residents.